Les effets du télétravail sur la santé [shitpost, hair contact]

@eliotberriot looks great! I am so ready to shave off some of my long hair too. started to feel like I am wearing a sweater on my head.

@liaizon shaved mine roughly six months ago after 10 years, it feels great :p

@eliotberriot totally unrelated, but I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you have any interest in presenting at fediconf.org in september?

@liaizon I was hesitant about it, but I think I won't be there: we're moving to a different city this summer, so september will be our first month there, and I expect to be tired and have a lot on my plate already :/

@eliotberriot congrats on the move. sad you wont be able to attend but totally understand. Hope to cross paths sometime in the coming year.

@eliotberriot Non je pense pas, parce qu'il me viendrait jamais à l'idée de laisser entrer tous ces gens chelous

Je n'ai pas pu m'empêche d'avoir le son de cette vidéo en fond, pendant que tu tournais.

(Et moi j'ai pas de chaises qui tourne ! 😭 )

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