So, in case people are wondering if can actually federate with other fedi software such as Mastodon, the answer is yes.

I've included a demo video below. Let me give you some context:

- I'm using an account on (to show you that it works with a current release of Mastodon)
- I'm using development version of Funkwhale runing on my local computer, hence the URL.

This is basic, but it's to show you we're no t lying when we're talking about federation with other fedi software.

Follows will work as well, I'll share a video as soon as it's ready.

@eliotberriot But it looks like Mastodon cant embed the song directly? Is that being worked on?

@felix yes, please keep in mind it's still a poc, done on a development version, to showcase a very specific use case.

In the final release, we're aiming for:

- Subscribing to Funkwhale channels from other fedi software
- Push new tracks/uploads to followers on fedi (and not only Funkwhale)
- Have Mastodon (and other compatible fedi software) display a proper player under the track

So obviously, there's still a lot of work to do ;)

@eliotberriot Ah i should have realised that its not final yet. Very cool!

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