Hello, I’m the reel2bits project main developper (a #FOSS self-hostable #soundcloud like with #ActivityPub federation).

It’s written in python/flask/vuejs and I need help because of health issues I’m unable to work a lot on it anymore, if you are interested to help me on some of the issues and more specially the ActivityPub part, you can contact me through:

the project matrix channel
the issue tracker
this account

boosts appreciated, thanks.

@dashie have you (or anyone wanting to help you with this) had any conversations with the #FunkWhale crew about handling AP federation between instances of a music hosting server? Apparently they will be able to federate with instances of software other than their own in their next release. Also there are other Python implementations of AP, like @hq, that you might be able to take ideas from (or even code).

@strypey I'm using little-boxes for AP, I'm not sure I will change library, because it will still be the same amount of job needed.

As for #FunkWhale, I've not discussed a bit with them in the past and nobody came back to me since regarding federation of Actor and Audio :blobshrug:

I will probably not handle their custom libraries, Actors maybe if they aren't too-custom, same for Audio, but if it requires too much custom handling that might not be interesting.

@dashie @strypey sorry if I didn't got back to you regarding Audio federation with reel2bits, I don't remember us having this discussion so apparently I forgot :/

As for the next release, we'll have a followable actor for each Funkwhale channel, and this actor will broadcast Create{Audio} activities, in a manner that should be compatible with mastodon and other fedi software that support Audio activity (there will be no need to support our custom Library types).

Do you have a documentation regarding the Activities supported/emitted by reel2bits ?

@dashie @strypey (I've added testing federation with reel2bits on the todo list for the channel feature)

@eliotberriot don't worry too much, I'm probably shutting down the project on end of december since there is actually no hope of having contributors

@dashie I'm sorry to hear that. I don't want to put pressure on your shoulders if you prefer to stop, but if you change your mind, I'd be happy to ensure Funkwhale and reel2bits federate smoothly.

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