Hey, if you have a debian or ubuntu server and are willing to help the project and also have a Funkwhale instance, would you mind having a look at ?

It's a single shell script that should give you a fully functional instance within a few minutes.

I've personally tested it on Debian 9 and 10, but the more tests and feedback we get, the more robust and useful it will be!

So, I've pushed a lot of updates regarding this install script, and it will now:

- allow you to disable installation of Nginx/Postgresql/Redis (if you manage those services yourself)
- stop failing when no locale is configured on the server
- have a better UX overall (wording, confirm by pressing Enter instead of typing yes, etc.)

I've also tested it with success on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 server (in addition to Debian 9 and 10 ;)

Same instructions to try it:

Do you have a script for FreeBSD?
I'll be very interested to test in :-)

@duponin I don't and I've never used FreeBSD, so I'm not sure if I'm the best person to write this.

However, if someone wants to contribute support for FreeBSD (or other platforms/distros) in the script, I'd be glad to help!

I'll try to install it and adapt the script, I'm really curious since months to test Funkwhale (and we missed to the mastapéro, sadly)

Do you know from metrics or anything if someone used FreeBSD with FunkWhale?

@June @funkwhale I actually started to work on this because of your past week toots so thank you for the motivation boost ;)

@eliotberriot do you have any idea whether this can run on a Raspberry Pi and if it can co-exist with pi-hole on the same box?

@June the script should work on the RPI (esp. Raspbian, but it's not tested).

However, it will try to install Nginx as a webserver, and PiHole apparently uses Apache2 or Lighttpd, so this will probably fail at this step, because you can't have two processes running on the same ports at the same time.

Also, the script will also attempt to get you a SSL certificate from let's encrypt, which will only work if your domain name is reachable from the outside world.

@June I can try to make some steps optional (e.g nginx and let's encrypt)


I'm seeing a 500 error...

Thanks for trying this out, and extra credit for wanting to make some things optional (like web server and Let's Encrypt).
: ]

@June @eliotberriot @mxmaxime

Very nice job Eliot !
(I'll let you know when I can try it)


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