Hey fedi!

I'm looking for a mood tracking app to run on my Android phone. I'm looking for something:

- That works offline
- Open source
- Simple

But I'll take any recommendation/suggestion that doesn't tick all the boxes :)

Thanks! 😊

@eliotberriot do you wish for multiple moods in a day or just one?

daylio is fairly simple and allows you multiple moods in a day, pixels - mental self awareness allows for just one

@Sapphaos multiple, my main goal is to detect and track fast changes in my mood over the course of a day or a few hours.

Daylio pops up regularly in my search, I just regret that it's not open source and contains add but I can live without this for now :)

I used Daylio for a bit of time now. It's really nice, there's no account needed, but it's alas not opensource :c as far as I know there's no app that tick this box.

But it's a nice app, I use it since ~ march now, and bonus: it stores everything in a sqlite database so if the export options don't make you happy you can do it by yourself by copying the database and playing with it with, say, python πŸ’œ

(that's what I use when I do my monthly mood recap, I did a tiny script that exports the db to a clean csv format, that I then plot with pandas and matplotlib.pyplot πŸ’œ)

@Electron @eliotberriot Hi,
maybe TickMate could do the job : f-droid.org/packages/de.smasi.

It doesn't have a specific purpose, just note if something happens and then it'll give you stats.

It's free, libre and doesn't track you.

@ordinarylava @Electron thank you for the suggestion, I need something more mood-oriented though :)

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