Podman is really interesting. Really need to look into that more.

@eliotberriot The fact that it's a drop-in Docker-compatible replacement for currently existing containers makes it really interesting. The Apache license also makes it really appealing to me personally.

@sporiff yep, the drop-in thing looks awesome.

I'd need support for docker-compose though, but otherwise, the hole "non-root" approach is safer!

@eliotberriot Yeah, I think Podman is designed more with Kubernetes in mind than something like docker-compose. The compose feature is considered out-of-scope (much like how docker-compose is a separate thing to Docker proper)

@sporiff @eliotberriot I don't know anything about that all, but as for docker compose, you might look at buildah. Is not that the thing for that?

@rugk I think Buildah is more for building the containers themselves than pulling them all together like Docker-Compose. It looks like Podman is focused more on multi-host containers than single-host like docker-compose. It's designed to take on the work of docker and docker-swarm.

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