Retribute, first blog post, proofreading 

If you want to learn more about , I recommend you read this blog post I published this morning about the problems the project aims to solve and how.

It's non-technical and focuses on the bigger picture, more technical writings will come afterwards.

@eliotberriot This is a really really good idea! But how does this differ from Flattr which have a similar goal. How can Redistribute become better? What are the issues Flattr have that Redistribute will not?

@shellkr as a centralized service Flattr, both creators and their audience must create an account, which means growing a community big enough to make it valuable is a huge, huge task.

It requires manual actions from the audience to flattr, and manual acgions for the creators to add a flattr button along with their content (which isn't always an option, depending on where the content is hosted).

I'm not implying that flattr is bad, at all. I really love the concept!

@shellkr it is strongly limited by its centralized nature, though, and by its lack of compatibility with what existed before it.

On the other hand, Retribute isn't a payment system, but a financing system. It doesn't enforce a specific payment platform, but is designed to work with existing ones, including flattr.

As a creator or contributor, if you're using Flattr, you can benefit from Retribute. You don't need to choose.

Yes, that is a good distinguisher and something I feel is very important to point out.

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