Retribute, Initial Proof of Concept 

Hello Fedi!

The first iteration of the app is now officially ready πŸŽ‰

It's a web application that connect to your Mastodon account(s) and suggest you creators to tip based on your activity.

If you enjoy the concept or have some feedback, please let me know!

You can also find more about the app and how it works on the about page:

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@eliotberriot okay so i had (and still have) a problem with firefox that wont let me use it, i turned off all my extensions and still nothing happens :blobrollingeyes:​

not the first time that i have a problem with an unknown ff extension and i just cant find the source, it's annoying...

@Sapphaos can you share a bit more info about the issue? Especially: what do you see? Blank page? Error message? Something else?

Let's find the solution :)

@eliotberriot nothing happens, i click on the "authenticate" button, and nothing happens

this is shown in the console also :thonking:​

(sorry just thought about looking there)

it works with chromium

@Sapphaos ok, it looks like firefox is blocking the request. Can you go to the network tab in the console and show me the failed HTTP request when you click again ?

@Sapphaos what do you see if you click on the small array next to the error in your first screenshot ?


as I said earlier, it works perfectly on chromium

really think the problem is more on my end, but to find exactly whats causing it i need more time (as i said have had similar problems in the past and never found the cause...)

@Sapphaos oh, I found the error occured during the authorization phase.

It may be linked to CORS issues, since we're requesting data from a separate domain.

@eliotberriot i'll be trying some things when i'll have some more time and keep you updated !

@Sapphaos one thing you can try is in private window too, or with a fresh, separate install of firefox to see if it's linked to your configuration/profile

@eliotberriot yes, but the new version of ff keeps extensions in private mode so i have to turn off everything in private mode too... :D

@eliotberriot ok i really don't know i deactivated everything for private mode and it still wont work, tried to turn off some settings in my account but it wont do anything...

it's really annoying me :blobrollingeyes:​

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