I spent quite some time reworking on /dashboards

Graphs previously contained inaccurate data, so I fixed that, and also included new graphs and stats.

What do you think about it? 😀

By the way, if you have a instance, it would be really helpful for the project if you registered it on (simply add your domain in the form).

We only collect anonymized data that is available on the Nodeinfo endpoint (e.g, and you can disable the data collection anytime from your instance settings, as shown in the picture below.

only a wannabe at this point, but soon ...

your project is very inspiring to me, best wishes for continued success

@js0000 thank you, let me know when your instance is up or if you need some help!


ok thx. i was thinking initally of trying to get it to run on a freedombox (debian with special packages, web front end). but it's more a matter of reducing distractions than anything else ...

@eliotberriot is this somehow related to the instance picker ? Is it possible for anyone to see the list of instance in the network ?

I am ok to register my instance as long as it is hidden from any public list in funkwhale websites.

@amdg2 the same data powers the instance picker, but it only includes instances with open registrations, so your instance won't appear on landing pages unless it's also your case.

However, it may appear in dashboards, as shown below:

@eliotberriot thank you for the quick answer. Is the list something that could be removed from the public dashboard ?

@amdg2 It's technically possible to remove it, but doing so will make it quite difficult to quickly detect/report potential inacurracies with the numbers using only the aggregated data, so I'd rather not.

Having a public list of instances, like on (not operated by us), is also valuable to troubleshout potential federation issues, contact instance owners in a semi-automated way (e.g for security issues), stuff like that

Showing total # of tracks and # of listenings would be cool.

@DashEquals good idea, I've updated the dashboard to integrate listenings, tracks, albums and artists counts :)

@eliotberriot Hmm, there should probably be an entry in nodeinfo for "local tracks", so tracks in shared libraries aren't double counted.

@DashEquals I think it would be better to exclude federated tracks from the count returned in instance endpoints, and only keep local tracks/artists/albums

@eliotberriot That would also work. Having both would be nice, though.

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