Toujours cette petite sensation de vertige quand j'écris des tests depuis deux jours et que je vais enfin ouvrir un nav pour tester :')


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I'd appreciated you if you have rephrase the term, "Copy right" to "Licence".

As we are adapting free software culture more, free content should be embraced.

To be honest, I've long see the term, "copy right" as I've been moved to free software and open content.

Hope you give priority to creative Commons/ public domain than copy right.

Any way, congratulate you on steady progress


@noorul as you can see in the video, we also use the term licence, and support associating content under open licenses.

But replacing one term with another is not an option. Copyright and licenses are different concepts, you cannot simply swap the terminology.

When you publish something under an open license, you remain the copyright holder.

We also have to deal with the vast amount of existing content that is not under an open licence.


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