i wrote a blog post about activitypub! i promise it's different from everyone else's blog posts about activitypub, probably!

many thanks to @cwebber for inspiring me to write this

@kity @cwebber I've read your post and while I understand the intent, I have a really hard time figuring out how generic ActivityPub client could work and be useful.

In my mind, ActivityPub deals with the transport/data layer by providing a standard way to represent objects, activities and broacdcast those over the federation.

But how can a client implement a generic and meaningful UX for every server?

@kity @cwebber Sure, you could imagine writing a client that could post to both Plume, Mastodon and Pleroma servers, assuming they support C2S protocol.

But Plume supports Markdown, while Mastodon doesn't. I don't know for Pleroma but you get the idea.

How would the client know what the server support in terms of features?

@kity @cwebber also, projects handle different types of data.

Funkwhale and PeerTube instances deal with Audio and Video media, respectively, PixelFed with images, Mastodon and Pleroma with small-to-medium text, Plume and Write.as with long-form content, etc.

Do you think it's possible to provide a unique and comfortable experience for all those projects ?

@eliotberriot @kity I guess since that was the goal of MediaGoblin, I still hold onto that vision. It's also more true on platforms like Facebook and Google Plus (RIP) than it is on Twitter and some others.

@eliotberriot @kity I think if ActivityPub had launched with a more facebook-like flagship implementation rather than a twitter-like one, people would find this less surprising

@cwebber @kity I find it really hard to imagine myself using the same client for Funkwhale, PeerTube and Mastodon, like I would find it weird to use the same client to interact with SoundCloud, YouTube and my emails.

I'd be limited by the common denominators of each project, would'nt I?

I really wish I didn't forget to mention words "backend" and "frontend" at FOSDEM.

Pleroma is an example of a backend that has multiple frontends /built in/ (even if they serve the same purpose of microblogging, not sharing other content).

Having Pleroma or Mastodon backend with a forum (inspired by phpBB, vBulletin, BuddyPress) UI or vote-news-site (inspired by Hacker News or Reddit) UI would let me use the same fediverse identity to participate in different ways.

I mean... Threads already branch out in fediverse, and different UI would make it possible to read them in a more efficient way.

Similar applies to imageboardish UI (Pixelfed) or news writer/reader UI (read.ly, write.ly).

@kity @cwebber
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