When you use the "Delete and redraft", please have a kind thought for the small toot you send earlier, who reached new instances and started partying hard on a bunch of new timelines.

This little one will soon be vacuumed by the toot police, injected back in its conception chamber, then cloned for the greater good.

They say the process is painless, but who knows?

By the way, I've been asked multiple times how toots are actually sent between instances.

It's one of the best kept secrets of the fediverse.

You probably heard the word "Sidekiq" before: when a toot comes out of its conception chamber, Sidekiq workers have the task to kick them hard enough to propel them to their recipients instance.

If the toot goes too slow, the encryption will be weak, or worst it could fall into the dark web. Too fast, and it could reach another instance.

@eliotberriot Removing toots when editing is especially confusing when I want to reply to a toot that has been deleted and replaced in a meantime and Mastodon replies with some weird error such as "404 Not Found" when sending. Definitely not the best UX.

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