I suggest implementing a "blind" mode in Mastodon's web UI, where usernames and avatar would not be displayed at all, unless you ask for them (via a button or something).

I wonder if I'm able to recognize you from your words only!

Successfully guessing a toot or boost author would grant a fixed amount of points, which you could use as the main currency on the network to pay for nudes, memes and animal pictures

I mean, that could work?

It's a quick and ugly test, I'd actually replace usernames by cute animal names, like "Beautiful pangolin" or "Jumping penguin"

We could also use the data to power our brand new fediverse-based captcha system.

Imagine trying to log on a random website and being asked to guess what toots are from @lynnesbian in a 10 choices dataset, to prove that you are human.

Or maybe a categorization captcha where you would have to grab a bunch of toot in the relevant category (shitpost/meme/etc.)

Regardless of that, I believe if it would encourage people to express more freely/differently.

Being different would be actually needed to ensure other people spot your posts!

It only affects the Home timeline, not DMs, notifications, or other columns

@eliotberriot u should start right away an ICO for this crypto. or patent this shit.

@adidal you're probably right. I've been thinking about this for 10 minutes, it's time to get serious!

@eliotberriot If I were u I would buy right now the domain U don't want to miss this opportunity :thinkhappy:

:promoted: promoted toot

@eliotberriot J'aime bien l'idée et le rendu. Pas sûr que je l'utilise beaucoup cependant mais... je me dis que dans certaines situations ça peut être top.

@eliotberriot while I love the idea of an instance or stylish mod that does this, I feel like it would just bring back forum signatures, in shorter form

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