I've been working on this today, the idea is to have a single place to go if you wonder how you can contribute to (regardless of the actual mean).

For each type of contribution, I plan to write a dedicated page describing:

- The contribution impact
- The required skills (if any)
- The things you can learn by contributing this way (if applicable)
- The step-by-steps instructions, from the start to the end of the contribution

The idea is to have something written in natural language, which can work for everyone (tech / non-tech people) and make the contribution process both uneventful and obvious.

This is actually fun to do, there are so many things to think about in terms of user experience and tasks !

Once everything is splitted into small, self-describing and understandable tasks, it will also possible to provide videos for the tasks when it's relevant (e.g. a full video showing how to submit translations for Funkwhale), as suggested recently by @Troll

Okay, I'm actually quite happy with this and I'd like your opinion.

This first guide explains how to translate using weblate, with small, easy steps and lots of screenshots.

I did my best to provide lot of context and to have an easy to follow structure.

The beauty of this is that the whole guie is described in JSON, so it's really easy to add new guides, steps, screenshots or to edit existing content without HTML or Javascript knowledge.

The whole thing is now deployed at (and will be automatically updated with future improvements).

For people interested, the source code is available here: (as well as really basic instructions to run it)

The app is relatively small and can proabably be hacked for other projects.

The whole thing may be coupled with a backend at some point, hence the big repo with python files ;) (but what is deployed now is purely static)

cc @Phyks

@jibec It use the same technologies as Funkwhale front-end, so yeah, it will be translatable \o/

That's super impressive and looks like a really nice getting started to Funkwhale contribution! Well done! 👏

Is the tooling behind available somewhere for other projects to reuse? Thanks!

@eliotberriot Wow! This is awesome, you really are doing a great job encouraging contributions.

@eliotberriot Brilliant work!

Takes all the unnecessary effort away from the end user and totally streamlines the contribution process.

I love the idea of tasks categorised by how much time you have to work on it. And I'll bet those people who may only have 2-5 minutes to begin with or who were just testing the waters, come back to do something else now they have their foot in the door.

@letthewatersroar when I started writing the first guide, I realized how much hidden / implicit knowledge is required for even what should be the most simple tasks (like reporting a bug)

No surprise we don't have many people involved, but I'm pretty sure it will help!

Wow. Now that's what floss projects need to do. Just wonderful!

You are dealing very well with the community and its contribution, many project should take some inspiration from your work.

@roipoussiere thank you!

The good news is that the code to power this is publicly available, and most if not all Funkwhale specific data is stored in a single place.

So you could theorically clone this code and write your guides for your own project!

Une suggestion : donner une indication du temps de prise en main et une indication du temps que prendrait la contribution une fois que l'utilisateur est habitué au process.

@roipoussiere effectivement ça peut être intéressant de le préciser. Et de marque les étapes qui ne sont nécessaires qu'une seule fois (genre la création de compte)

@eliotberriot ah et il y a un bug semble-il car quand je fais un filtre par "2h et plus", j'ai "Integrate Funkwhale with other projects", qui dure 5min.

@eliotberriot J'ai aussi un double ascenseur sur la sidebar qui dépasse de l'écran :
(résolution 1920x1080)

@roipoussiere euh tu as un screenshot plus large ? Parce que là je comprends pas ce que je vois :D

@roipoussiere (mais la scroll bar sur la sidebar est normale, puisque elle est fixe, il faut bien pouvoir défiler si elle est plus haute que l'écran)

@eliotberriot tiens une vidéo c'est plus parlant :
Comme on peut le voir, la scrollbar du menu est tronquée, elle sort de la page, par rapport à celle de la page qui est entière (la capture s'étend sur toute la fenêtre du navigateur).

Par contre il faut pas que tu tardes pour télécharger parce que c'est du p2p et je suis au boulot et à un moment je vais quand même éteindre mon PC et m'en aller. 😛

@eliotberriot arf ça doit être le labo qui loque les ports pour le torrent.
Je t'envoie ça par mail, c'est pas très lourd en fait.

@Troll il there's quite a lot of work remaining, but I'm really excited to see if if actually increases the number and the quality of contributions (as well as making it easier / funnier for newer contributors)


That's a very good idea. I have no doubt that it helps people who are not used to contributing.


I'd start with that title... "How to contribute". Contribute has a pretty specific meaning in open source communities, but usually different meanings in the general public. Outside FOSS communities, "contribute" usually means to give money. I would suggest " "How to help us make Funkwhale better" or "How to improve Funkwhale".

@Blort thank you for the feedback, I guess I'm too involved in FOSS to think about the perception of the general public sometimes :/

I'll update the prototype to reflect that!

@eliotberriot Awesome! "Share your feedback" doesn't have a "Get started" button though, so it's hard to find out how to give feedback.

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