Announcing the first episode of a new podcast about the fediverse - FediverseCast! The show will feature conversations with cool fediverse makers and community members, hosted by @kevinflo

HUGE thanks to my first guest @eliotberriot creator of @funkwhale (Funkwhale)


@fediversecast Thank you for this new podcast and its first episode.

I'm conflicted between the fact that the show was interesting including most of its rambling vs the investment it requires to listen a +1h podcast. Would being shorter and more to the point help increasing audience? Maybe splitting interviews into different episodes when it's worth it? For instance, Funkwhale + digital rights || funding + future of Fediverse.

@kevinflo @eliotberriot @funkwhale

@fediversecast As someone who nowadays listens more podcasts than music, I wondered... What about Funkwhale for podcasts? What about FediverseCast available in Funkwhale?

(Currently I listen to podcasts exclusively from my mobile phone using AntennaPod, so I guess my question is actually whether it is possible and easy to subscribe to podcasts hosted in Funkwhale instances using RSS? Never tried.)

@kevinflo @eliotberriot @funkwhale


@quimgil @fediversecast @kevinflo @funkwhale there is an open issue about that already, but we have other priorities right now :)

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