Let's call it a night! I opened a brand new blog for using , the federated blog engine maintained by @Bat

This space will be used to publish important announcements about the project, and you can follow @funkwhale to get updates directly in the fediverse.

The first post is quite a big announcement. TL;DR: I'm leaving my job in novemebr to work full-time on Funkwhale !


@selea @Bat sure, you find plume related links in the footer of the blog :)

@eliotberriot @Bat Congrats! I'd like to subscribe, but unfortunately the link to your RSS feed at the bottom of the page is broken, and my browser can't autodetect the correct link either...

@eliotberriot Congrats and really looking forward to development of funkwhale for the good of artists - especially those who don't buy the industry crap about piracy. If that really works out you could completely change the Grooveshark story (which, let's be honest, was not really "fair trade music").

I also hope there's sustainability of your labour included in your plan of full time work on funkwhale.

@luka you're right, Funkwhale was created as a Grooveshark copy, but it can be much more than that and there is no reason to limit the scope of the project or to inherit the bad things from Grooveshark

Making my work on the project sustainable is part of the roadmap too!

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