A humble request for all the #fediverse #devs: please, we need a #singlelogin for all the various services. Imagine having your mastodon account and logging with that to #pixelfed or #peertube... that would be a killer feature. Any work already been done in that direction that I don't know of?

@roipoussiere @arteteco Basically, what you are requesting is called decentralized or nomadic identity (use your identity as a way to access/manage multiple accounts).

This is a complex problem to tackle for various reasons, but people are discussing about it :)

Thanks for your reply, I understund (more or less) the problem. Do you know where is the discussion taking place?


@arteteco @roipoussiere AFAIK, there is no single place (federated world, here again :D) where the discussion is happening, and no task force dedicated to the subject :/

I may be wrong though, any input about that would be hugely appreciated!

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